Fluffy Material for UE5 - Quadmesh to Billboards

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This is a fluffy material that can be used in NPR and Stylized expressions.

Sample Video

It is constructed based on various materials on the Internet, so we have not done anything special to it.

Quadmesh to Billboards Fluffy Material

Exclusive sample mesh

I've also included Quadmesh to Billboards node schematics of the basic implementation.

If you set up the nodes as shown here, you can do about the same thing.

If you want to have a UE5 project data, I will be encouraged if you give me coffee money.

Bend of Tree, Blob using Mesh Distance Field, Clover Shader, and Shadow using Dedcal are also included as extras.

Here's what I used for reference


  • Quad polygons are important, so Nanite with variable polygons is not supported. If processing is heavy, please prepare LOD with appropriate Quad polygons.

Thanks for reading.


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I want this!

Unreal Engine 5 Project Data

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Fluffy Material for UE5 - Quadmesh to Billboards

6 ratings
I want this!